First-Rate Materials

With a market leading chassis built from 3CR12 Stainless steel, sheet metal laser cut and bent to perfection and supported by a fully independent coil suspension with 2 shocks per arm, it forms the perfect foundation for the African roads.
Main body/shell built from first grade composite materials to ensure protection against the elements while you are sleeping.

Quality Build

All materials were handpicked to ensure long lasting, rust free and wood-rot free camping to avoid those unwanted surprises.

Expedition with Dual Independent Suspension

With guaranteed stability and peace of mind, the suspension is constructed from four 2 ton coil arms that allows all four wheels to move independently, with two spares at the back mounted on spare hubs. Even if you had to lose four tires you will still be able to get to the next town.
borderx susoension

Off the Grid

The Expedition has two independent 75 liter and the Extreme has a 75 liter and 60 liter water tanks.

Both with space for two batteries charged either by 220V when in civilization, 12V from vehicle when on the move or Solar when camping off the grid. You will easily be able to keep the taps flowing, the beer cold and lights on while monitoring it all from your smart phone.

Interior Comfort

Featuring a queen size bed (1990x1860), two bunk beds (family unit) or a couch (2 sleeper), a small shower with an optional cassette toilet and ample storage space.

Allowing you to make this your home away from home for extended adventures.

You also have the ability to select your own flooring, blinds and upholstery to add you own personal touch.

External Luxury

For the entertainer among us, the BorderX Expedition's external living space built from real bamboo or aluminum offers you the best combination of aesthetics, function and luxury you could want when camping.

The space includes a slide out unit with a Dometic 2-plate gas top, large basin, space for large camping fridge\freezer and space for microwave.

Easy Setup

With the help of a BuduAwn, setting up is a breeze.