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BorderX Outpost


Kindly complete the below for a Quote on the Outpost.

Kindly Note: The cost generated is only indicative, and subject to a formal quote by BorderX themselves.  Also, price is subject to change without notice. 

If you do decide to order from us, a R55,000 deposit is required to come on to the waiting list, and to secure the current “base price” of the Outpost. We do sit down with each client to make sure we understand the scope of the work.  

At the 6-8 weeks before delivery mark we require a further R80,000 plus the cost of all the extras on the list. If you require financing, we will put it in place at this stage (We will be able to assist with financing through Westbank & Standard bank). The outstanding amount is payable 4-7 days before pickup.

Contact us directly to find out what the next delivery slot is.