Anywhere is Awesome



Anywhere is Awesome


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"As an outdoor-oriented family, our mission is never to spend too much time in one place.  We wanted a home we could set up within minutes, with little effort. It had to be spacious for a family of 4, give us a comfortable luxury feel, and still take us anywhere.  Like our motto says: Anywhere is Awesome.
So we thought:  Why not really make this a way of life. We have an awesome product, let’s sell it to awesome adventurers. "

Werner Pretorius

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Who we are

The Best Solution For Your Caravan Needs

The Layout\Finish in the BorderX products is to the client’s taste.  Please note that for both models we really like to sit down with each client and customize the internal layout to your needs.

We Provide Best Caravans & Products For Your Adventure Experience

BorderX is privileged to provide outstanding camping experiences to many customers around  South Africa. Our luxury Caravans/trailers feature the latest in design technology and industry leading materials, for a superior finish and long lasting durability. To achieve this, BorderX stands by a set of Core Values and a stringent Quality Policy.

Customer Experience

At BorderX we create an experience for our customers that their investment deserves.


We always strive to be an industry leader in engineering and innovation for off road products.


Quality means building confidence in our customers to take our product anywhere. BorderX produces high-quality caravans/trailers that comply with superior, world-class quality standards.


Integrity means that we are what we do, not what we ‘say’ we’ll do. Our philosophy is to establish trusted relationships with our suppliers, stakeholders & customers.

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Caravan Collection

BorderX are hand made here in South Africa to ensure that we create the very best campers for all the adventurers out there. What’s more, we put every Caravan to the test, so that you can feel confident that your trailer is top quality, easy to use and extremely durable.

Expedition 2023

Have you seen our BorderX Expedition 2023 Model?

An upgrade on the Expedition with a few new modifications!


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